Monthly Archives: November 2013

OpenCL Training Material: Seeking Sponsorship

I am searching for an organization to sponsor my training videos.  The development of these lectures takes a great deal of my time, and I am providing them for free.  You can save money by watching my lectures rather than paying for expensive professional training.  My lectures are still providing background, and have not yet demonstrated how to write real-life applications.  I assure you that more interesting topics are coming, but as you can appreciate a solid foundation is required first.

Where is this training material going?  Well, I see myself preparing somewhere between 10 and 20 videos covering a complete range of topics.  At the end, you should be an OpenCL and GPU programming expert, though perhaps a bit inexperienced.  You will understand how to tune algorithms to the hardware, and how to do good software engineering with OpenCL.  I will also show you how to use OpenCL within existing applications.

Please contact me if you are interested in sponsoring this work.  I would be happy to include a small advertisement for your organization within my training videos.

OpenCL Video Tutorial: High-Level Overview

I have uploaded my first video to YouTube!

I have not been happy with the OpenCL training material I have seen, so I prepared an outline for an imaginary university course.   My plan is to upload material to YouTube on a variety of OpenCL topics so that you too will be an expert by the time I’m finished.  I am looking for a company to sponsor this work.