Software Performance Cliff Dead Ahead: Apply OpenCL Now to Stop

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Come and join me for an important talk on September 4 in Burlington, Ontario to learn more about what OpenCL can do for your business! Details are here.

Event Summary

Computer software will not run faster on new hardware today unless it is actively designed or refactored to do so.  A modern mobile device, desktop, or server, will contain many parallel processors from many different vendors, and each processor will have unique compute and energy characteristics.  Applications that do not efficiently utilize processor resources will frustrate users with unnecessary delays and might drain batteries rapidly due to poor energy efficiency.  These problems are magnified within compute clusters that might pay for low processor efficiency with extra hardware and energy to compensate.

This talk is beneficial for both a technical and non-technical audience, and will highlight the decisions made by two fictitious competing startup companies to build the best software in the market.  Through these examples, you will understand the motivation for heterogeneous computing, recent processor hardware trends, and the role of the Khronos OpenCL standard for parallel and heterogeneous computing.  At the end of this talk, you will be aware of new opportunities that may significantly impact your business success and software development plans.

“OpenCL offers enormous benefits for the computing community across many different platforms and markets.   AJ is both a practitioner of heterogeneous computing and a member of the Khronos OpenCL working group – and so is perfectly placed to communicate the intricacies and opportunities offered by this new open standard.” — Neil Trevett, Khronos President, OpenCL Chair, VP NVIDIA

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