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AMD Newsletter Spot and Upcoming Videos

I am very pleased to be featured in the AMD Developer Central Newsletter. Here is an outline of the next few videos in the series:

  • Parallel Programming I: Describes what is different about parallel programming and how you should think about parallel algorithms.
  • Parallel Programming II: Synchronization and memory issues with examples of parallel algorithms.
  • Parallel Programming III: Advanced topics and advice on parallel algorithm design.
  • Performance Programming: How to get really good performance from OpenCL and some software engineering advice for OpenCL projects.

I have been reading Structured Parallel Programming for ideas on how to present parallel programming to you.  The next three videos on parallel programming will be done together, and I hope to have them out by the middle of this month.  On average, I will reach my target of one video per month.

OpenCL Video Tutorial: High-Level Overview

I have uploaded my first video to YouTube!

I have not been happy with the OpenCL training material I have seen, so I prepared an outline for an imaginary university course.   My plan is to upload material to YouTube on a variety of OpenCL topics so that you too will be an expert by the time I’m finished.  I am looking for a company to sponsor this work.