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“AJ worked with me to improve performance of an OpenCL kernel I had developed for use with realtime graphics. He was able to analyze my program within a few minutes and make suggestions for optimizations as well as explain how this would improve code execution on the target hardware. With these suggestions, I was able to increase performance of my OpenCL program from 22ms to 1.4ms.”

James Acres
Professor, Bachelor of Information Technology – IMD at Algonquin College

“AJ’s course on OpenCL is a cut above other courses in that he brings with him tremendous background and experience, and delivers it in an easily understandable way that is reachable for novice, but still remains interesting for experts. This is more than just a one-way presentation, but a true tutorial with labs and  hands-on components that truly improves your skill in this domain using skills that are now highly in demand across many industries, making this course pay for itself. He also makes it fun with anecdotes and entertaining stories.”

Michael Wong
Former CEO OpenMP, ISOCPP.org Director, VP, VP of Research & Development Codeplay

“SciNet is Canada’s largest supercomputer centre, providing Canadian researchers with computational resources and expertise necessary to perform their research on scales not previously possible in Canada. SciNet powers work from the biomedical sciences and aerospace engineering to astrophysics and climate science.

“In today’s heterogeneous architecture world, AJ’s training in OpenCL is extremely valuable, for OpenCL allows one to extract performance from the heterogeneous systems, while preserving code portability across architectures, thus helping
future-proof application codes.”

Dr. Daniel Gruner
CTO (Software), SciNet High Performance Computing Consortium, Compute/Calcul Canada

“The traditional thinking has been that parallel programming is difficult to learn. But AJ and his team have put together clear and effective course material that takes participants from learning fundamentals to delivering real life, relevant applications quickly. As a result, participant are able to reap the benefits from the course quickly. The use of moderated lab sessions and opportunity to expand on existing applications makes it much more conducive for participants to make effective use of OpenCL in short order.”

I-Cheng Chen
P.Eng., Fellow, Platform Architecture, Advanced Micro Devices Inc.

“My research deals with building infrastructure and approaches to making heterogeneous computing easier, especially with respect to integrating FPGAs into computing systems. I was happy to meet AJ and find out that we have very similar visions, even though we come from the opposite ends of the stack — I come from the hardware and architecture end and AJ from the CS end. AJ is clearly an expert in OpenCL and more generally, the issues of heterogeneous computing from the programmer’s perspective, which helps me understand what’s needed in the hardware to make the programming easier.”

Professor Paul Chow
Dusan and Anne Miklas Chair in Engineering Design, University of Toronto

“Medical imaging requires fast analysis of large amounts of data, so parallel computing is critical to GE Healthcare. Yet, OpenCL, heterogeneous computing, and parallel programming are complex topics to master, with few resources are available to learn it on your own. AJ Guillon at YetiWare provided us with  custom training that was tailored to our needs so that our expert engineers could get up to speed with these technologies rapidly. AJ has a deep knowledge of the field, and was able to communicate clearly and effectively with our team members.””

GE Healthcare